Rich Life according to Zak

"Mom, are lola Marijo and lolo Pa rich?" asked my 9-year-old son during breakfast. "What do you think?" I asked back. "I think they're rich because they have a big house." He replied. "Not everyone with a big house is rich." I explained. "Maybe they're no longer rich because they spend everything on their big … Continue reading Rich Life according to Zak

Mommy, the Great

My kind music  has a distinct melody. It is often repetitive, with an upbeat tempo. Depending on the artist's mood, its color melodies varies from joy, sadness or sometimes even fear. It may be sang solo or duet. My  kind of music is so unique that it has two or more changing lines which goes … Continue reading Mommy, the Great

9 Years!

         My little corner in the cyberspace will be turning 9 years old this month. Although I never get to write anything anymore, this online journal is a representation of so many things about myself for the last couple of years. It's always good to look back and draw inspiration from all … Continue reading 9 Years!